The Bow Rack Archery Shop Springfield Oregon

The Bow Rack opened it’s doors in 1971. Since then we have built a 5000 square foot building which hosts a huge selection of the finest archery equipment on the market today. Wayne and Lisa Endicott, along with their family, have owned and operated The Bow Rack for over 18 years.

The passion for archery as well as bow hunting has fueled the flame, along with God’s blessing, that The Bow Rack has grown to the size that it is today. The corner stone of the Bow Rack is the wonderful people who make up our customer base. Our customers who faithfully support our shop are the reason The Bow Rack is where it is today.

We thank all of you for your business, your stories and pictures, and the great friendships that have evolved over the years. We are here to serve you. Come on in and see us.

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