Bowhunter league and target leagues run all winter and into the summer. We start them around mid October and go in 9 week intervals until the middle of august.

Bowhunter leagues info:

Bowhunter league is a 3D league that is run on Tuesday nights at 7.

We run them with 8 scoring nights and 1 fun night where we eat pizza and challenge the shooters with speed shoots and pop up targets, as well as the infamous floating ping pong Ball.

Bow Hunter league cost:

$30.00 sign up
$10.00 per night
$120.00 total for 9 weeks

If you are interested in shooting bow hunter league come down and sign up today!

Target League info:

Our target leagues are shot on Thursday nights at 7 and everyone is welcome to come shoot! We start in October and shoot vegas style targets until February, after that we switch it up to an NFAA 5 spot target to prepare for the state indoor!

Target league cost: $7.00 per night

The Bow Rack 541-746-9711 email-

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